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Jane: Thai. English 8.5. prety,  very professional massage. age 22.

Sofia:Thai, friendly pretty. English 8 profession Thai massage. age: 21

Nancy: Chinese.   English 9. very treatment massage. age: 24

Shelly: Laos.  English 9.5. very popular. professional massage. age: 21

Emily: Thailand mix Japan. English 8.5. Profession massage age: 22.

Jennifer: Chinese, 8. English 7.5. profession  massage. age: 22.

Coco: Chinese. English 7.5. very friendly.smile. profession massage. age: 24.

Rachel: Chinese,English 8.5, fabulous massage Age:24

Wendy Chinese. English 8.5. very professional massage age 22

Anna: Thai .English 8. very pretty.  experience massage. age: 20. new

Eve: Chinese. English 8.5  professional massage. age: 23.

Coco: Chinese, English 7.5, very friendly, smile,professional massage, age 23.

Ice: Thai. English 8.5. model. professional massage. age: 22.

Shelly: Laos.  English 9.5. professional massage. age: 21

Apple: Thai. . English 8. professional massage. age: 21.

Nadia: Thai.  English 8. very friendly. profession Thai massage. age: 23.

Rebecca: Chinese,  English 8. professional strong massage. age: 24.


Camila: Indonesia: English 9.5. very pretty, sexy . cup E. soft massage. age 20.new

Judy: Chinese. English 7.5  friendy .profession  massage. 22

Emily: Thailand mix Japan. English 8.5. Profession massage age: 22.

Jasmine:Taiwan, English 9. Very pretty. experiencr  massage age 20.


Chloe: Chinese. English 8. experience massage. age: 22. new

Cat:Thai. English 8.5. Popular profession massage. age:22

Cherry: Thai max Chinese. .English 8.5. profession massage. age: 21.

Wendy: Chinese. English 8.5. profession massage. Age:22


Vicky: Thai English 8.5  profession Thai massage. age: 22. new

Ruby: Chinese English 8.5. sport massage. age: 23

Cindy: Thai. English 7.5. experience massage. age:23.

Nancy: Chinese. English 9. very treatment massage. age: 24


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